How it all Began

Dear Friends,

This past year and a half, God has been stirring me. Like many of you, watching the political climate of our nation, and observing the death culture of this generation, I have been compelled to pray, and pray hard. As I have been praying I have sensed God speaking to my spirit that it is time to mobilize. It is time to move out in the calling He has given me on my life in the ministry of Evangelism.


When God called me into ministry at the age of 12, it was through a series of personal events. I began to sense the anointing of God on me as I led worship, and sang, and others around me began to sense it too. I had prophecies given to me by complete strangers whom God spoke to, and also men and women of God around me began to prophesy over my life.

God called me to be “a mouthpiece” in this generation, and promised that He would open the whole world to me. Through radio play of my music, much of that prophecy has already come to pass. The other part of what God called me to was evangelism. So from 13 years of age even until now, I began studying the greatest evangelists the world has recorded in history. I read their biographies and I watched any and all available footage and listened to recordings (and still do).

I enrolled in Bible School after high school and I graduated from Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas in 1995. There I studied evangelism, worship ministry and missions. After my graduation, I joined a team of students on a 30 day mission trip to Argentina, Brazil and Chile. We led worship and ministered in churches, schools, prisons, and on the streets.

I began preaching and ministering in the minimum security prison in Boise, Idaho when I was 19.

After moving to Alaska in 1996, I have been a worship leader, and teacher for various events around the state and for many different churches. During this time I also experienced a crisis in my physical body, my faith and family, and a re-building of each of these things. I have been a teacher at the Alaska Bible Institute for four years as well.

I graduated from an online course in Apologetics through Ravi Zacharias International Ministries in 2014, and another course on Islam in 2015.

Along with a class on the “Ministry of Worship”, I began teaching a second class at Alaska Bible Institute on “Apologetics” to help students realize that their faith is not only true, but logical and reasonable and powerful. But I didn’t study Apologetics to be a good teacher. I realize it is my desire to win the lost that propels me in that education.

In the Spring of 2016, I attended the “Azuza Now” event in Los Angeles, California where I gathered with over 65,000 people to pray for our nation, and seek the face of God. I watched the Spirit being poured out on students who meandered throughout the crowds to pray for the sick and hurting. I watched people come out of wheelchairs, deaf ears open, broken hearts put back together, and many other miracles during that 15 hour event.

A month later, I attended Reinhard Bonnke’s School of Evangelism in Orlando, Florida. My fire to reach the lost burned hotter and hotter. I have a passion to win the lost and bring as many to Jesus as I possibly can. I want to open all the doors God puts in front of me.

I’m called to preach. I’m called to reach the lost. I’m called to bring people to Jesus. I’m called to pray for the sick and introduce them to the Healer.

All of this history brings me to this moment: I feel God directing me to launch this ministry. The name He has given me for it is “Run to Mercy Ministries”.  My desire is to live my life running to mercy and bringing as many people with me as I can.

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