BethyFrom Bethany Morris:

I am headed to Asia!!
I will be traveling to Cambodia on the 28th of March and returning the 11th of April.
During my time there I, with a team from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry will be spending 3 days in a local orphanage pouring out love to the staff and children. Then we will spend a week working in “Destiny Rescue” which is a home for girls who have come out of sex trafficking.
At the rescue home we will be doing life workshops, Bible studies, and take the residents out rock climbing.
In the evenings we will have the opportunity to go into the “red light districts” and buy time with the girls who work in the karaoke bars and brothels, and take them out to eat and pray for them.
I am so excited and expectant for what God is going to do! I have so much hope and joy for the nation and all the beautiful people there.
I would love it if you would like to partner with me in prayer including:

  1. Safe travels for my team and I (there are 65 of us!)
  2. Health and energy
  3. Destiny Rescue
  4. Our translators
  5. On the ground missionaries we will be serving. (Our entire team will be split amongst multiple organizations serving their heart for Cambodia.)
  6. Joy and peace (Jesus was the most joyful, peaceful, and hope-filled person to have ever walked the planet, so we should be too!”

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