Women of Influence Conference

This past weekend, I was invited to be a part of a conference in Homer, AK called “Women of Influence.” It was a ministry of Church on the Rock, Homer, and took place at the “Second Star” mansion in Homer.

The three day event consisted of 6 speakers, and 5 worship sessions, delicious food and fun fellowship with women of all ages.

I led worship for each of the evening sessions, and from evening to evening the hearts of the women opened more and more to the Spirit of God, and gave themselves to worship the Lord with all of their hearts. The topics covered Fear, Forgiveness, Addiction/Freedom, Abounding in Hope, Keys for the emotional woman, and Living beyond our Wildest Dreams. There were practical sessions with young moms who had questions about raising their families, and other sessions with women of wisdom about how God meets them in every season of their lives. It was beautiful.

I spoke on the Saturday morning session and my topic was “Abounding in Hope”. What do you do when your hope is gone and your faith feels “broke”? It was a glorious time as we looked at how God sends help and love when we are in the deepest pits, and how we can learn to recognize Him at work when life just doesn’t seem to work.

What a joy to share in what God is doing. He is always good, and always full of hope and courage when ours has run out. I can’t wait to share His hope and courage with you!

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Cate Morris

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