Regent Life Church, Homer, AK

This past Sunday, March 5, 2017, I was invited to speak at Regent Life Church in Homer, AK. Homer is a community I have lived in for several years, and being able to share what God is teaching me to a room full of people I know and love is sincerely a privilege that I do not take lightly.

Pastors Mark and Brenda Edens, Lanny and Carol Simpson, Shawn and Ginny Grimes met with me to pray for me and affirm what God is doing through “Run to Mercy”, then swung the door wide open to come and minister and share with their church body.

The theme of my message was “The Presence of God changes every option in the room.” Focusing on what God has given us through the person of the Holy Spirit, we looked at what our limits were compared to His, and how we can live in partnership with the Holy Spirit and live out of God’s unlimited resources to reach our city with the Gospel.

I am so grateful for the many friends who came out to hear what God had put on my heart, and I am grateful for the Body of Christ represented in Regent Life Church for their ongoing prayer, support and encouragement for me, and for their vision to transform our city and the nations of the world.


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